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Aastha Karan Vastu Consultant is a Best Solution for Astrology, Vaastu, Reiki and Wellness. For the first time, in this field, complete energy based products are introduced in its own type. We are the best vastu consultant in Ahmedabad that provide astrologer services in Ahmedabad.

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Why "Aastha Karan Vastu Consultant" Products are complete Energy Based? 
We all know that in Jyotish Shastra i.e. Astrology, in order to bring wellness and good changes in our life we take the help of Yantra, Mantra, Tantra, Gemalogy, Numerology and Colour therapy. In Vaastu Shastra, we use Pyramid Yantra etc. and in Reiki we take the help of healing crystals and symbols to cure ourselves. It is also mentioned in our Religious Scriptures that they have a specific energy. God has provided us with ten powerful sources to maintain Good Health, Destiny, Happiness and Prosperity and he has also provided ways to cure our problems. But we do not take best benefits out of these powerful sources as sometimes we make use of Yantras but are unable to use Mantras. Moreover, sometimes we make use of Numerology and we do not use colors to purify our soul , aura and body. Similarly, we make use of Pyramids but not Gems. However, when we try to make collective use of these above mentioned powers then either the the method used by us is not right or we do not get beneficial results, hence, we fail to get correct positive energy. All these ten powers are proved to be auspicious in our Vedas and they have their own particular energies. So, when we start using all these ten powers collectively this generates Aastha Karan Vastu i.e. Auspicious Positive Energy. “Aastha Karan Vastu Consultant” has used all these ten powerful sources to produce a collection of Auspicious Energy as a whole. In Aastha Karan Vastu Products, we have used:-
►Yantra Shakti (Tools)
►Mantra Shakti (Shabd i.e. words)
►Tantra Shakti (Method)
►Ratna Shakti (Gems)
►Ank Shakti (Numbers)
►Rango ki Shakti (Colour Therapy)
►Spatik (Crystals)
►Pyramid Shakti
►Deity Shakti
►Prathna (Prayer Healing)
When these positive powers give their own particular energies, they generate collective Aastha Karan Vastu (Positive Energies). This Aastha Karan Vastu or Positive Energy can be measured by many ways. You can even check Aastha Karan Vastu after placing a particular product at a particular place. Then you can check through Aura Scanner or even by a Digital Aura Scanner Software. You can even check via L or Y shaped rods, Lechar Antenna, but you should be aware of how to maintain a balance of these devices. Aastha Karan Vastu products would look like a general Pyramid or product but they have great power of generating positive energy which you will never get in usual products. You can always verify the difference after checking a usual product and a Aastha Karan Vastu product.Astro Vastu Goods
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